About Me

My husband and I live in Springfield, Missouri with our 3 daughters. I love the Lord with my whole heart and like to live a life where His love shines through me. Besides photography I enjoy crafting which includes sewing, clay earring making, and basically anything I can create with my hands. A dream of mine is to one day stage and engage in interior home design.

My love for photography started young, just ask my sisters! I would drag them to the backyard and have them be my models. From there it escalated to classes in high school and yearbook as well. Years went by and I still couldn't let go of a camera. From there on my kids became my models and were great to practice on as well as close family and friends. Now I finally bit the bullet and started my own photography business. I love creating images that represent your family and the moments that shine through.

My passion for photography...

My favorite thing about photography is documenting special moments. I love when people truly feel comfortable and start to love being in front of the camera. The expression that people have on their faces after seeing the magic that they created is the best feeling in the world.